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It starts with very small habits and eventually leads to lifestyle changes. The first step in de-cluttering your living space is deciding what you need and what you don’t. Part of the reasons why there is so much clutter around is because you have so many things that you don’t need. So sort out your inventory and only keep what you want. Let’s take a look at the tips and you’ll notice that they are quite simple, but together they make a huge difference.

  • Learn To Make Your Bed

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We know you may be busy and the last thing you need in the morning is to get the bed tidy. But, a disorganized bed is really not good for your living space (and contributes for extra stress). Every time you wake up, already make the bed right away. It’s a quick step in the morning, but it really makes you feel more put together and ready for the day.

  • Clean Your Counters Each Day

Counters can get dirty at times due to a wide range of reasons. However, it’s not a problem to clean them up as effectively as possible. Try and make this a daily routine. It is also important to remember that counters are really not for stacking everything. Only keep a few things in plain sight. We are talking about necessary staff here, not just anything you think off.

  • Do You Have Duplicate Items?

Ever wondered why your living space always seems congested? It’s might be because you have duplicate items. A lot of people don’t actually realize this until they take a look. Just take one weekend and sort out your stuff. If you find you have two of one thing, get rid of the extra baggage. This is how you start to de-clutter the home and making it livable.

  • Sell Appliances You Don’t Need

Everyone always has an appliance at home that they rarely use. If the appliance has also outgrown its usefulness, then it has to go. Computers that are no longer working or TVs that no one watches can be removed from the living space. Make sure you also de-clutter the kitchen by getting rid of excess kitchenware. All these things can be sold online so it’s not like you will be taking any losses.

  • Clear Out The Closet

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It seems like we are always looking for new clothes to buy. Even if our closets are full, we still go shopping and before you know it, you have a congested closest with clutter everywhere. It’s time to clear out the closet, starting with a simple thing. Take a look at each and every clothing item and ask yourself, if you were in the mall shopping for clothes, would you buy that? If the answer is no then the clothing needs to go. What you need is a well organized and de-cluttered closet and you can never achieve that with too many clothes that you don’t wear.