Star Wars fans will have their own themed hotel. Source: Disney Parks

For all Star Wars fans out there, Disney has great news for you:

The company has confirmed that they are building a Star Wars-themed hotel. The hotel will be in the new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge theme park in Florida.

The hotel will resemble a starship from the Star Wars movie, and as if that's not cool enough, guests will be immersed in an interactive story experience while being in the hotel.

According to rumors, it's possible to undertake "secret missions," mingle with the film's characters (who are said to roam the public areas and corridors), learn to drive a spacecraft and duel with lightsabers.

Bob Chapek, the Parks and Resorts Chairman of Disney, confirmed the Star Wars hotel rumors at the D23 Expo, a yearly event hosted and organized by the official Star Wars Disney fan club.

The hotel will feature total immersion in the Star Wars universe. Source: Disney Parks

According to the rumors, from the moment you arrive at the hotel, you will be a part of the Star Wars story. You will automatically become a citizen of the galaxy, and that also means that you may have to dress up in the proper attire.

The developers want you to feel as if you have left Earth and experience what it is like to be in a Star Wars ship teeming with different characters, adventures, and stories waiting to unfold before you.

It's going to be arguably the most amazing hotel experience on the planet.

The idea of a Star Wars hotel leaked when Disney sent out a survey as a way of gauging the public's interest.

The survey offered further indication on what kind of amenities would delight the guests, like:

⦁A fitness center
⦁A water park
⦁A pool area
⦁Meals are ordered or taken from the famous "cantina"
⦁The food and drinks are going to be served by droid butlers
⦁Each room will be able to accommodate 4 people.
⦁There will be no windows to the planet Earth - instead, the windows are going to be a view of the galaxy.

Possibly, drinks and foods will be served by droids, like in the movies. Source: Disney Parks

The Star Wars hotel is only available for a 2-night stay. The rooms are estimated to cost from $900 to $1,000 per person. The price will include meals and admission to the Star Wars theme park.

Disney's newest theme park is going to be dubbed as Star Wars Land. It's going to be the single largest theme park expansion in Disney's history, while there's also another Star Wars theme park being constructed in California.

As of the moment, Disney is keeping everything secret and guarding every detail of the project, but it’s confirmed the parks are going to feature a life-size and controllable Millennium Falcon.

However, you shouldn’t buy a ticket to Florida just yet - the planned expansion is not going to officially open until 2019.

But if you can't wait to live out your Star Wars fantasies, then you can head to Hotel Sidi Driss in Tunisia - one look at the hotel and every Star Wars fan will instantly recognize that it's Luke Skywalker's home in Tatooine.

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