Which books would a top leader recommend for your summer reading list? We reached out to a few top names in several industries including healthcare, food, technology, security management, and financial services to find out which books they personally found to be insightful, inspiring, or motivating.

Here is a list of books top leaders recommend on diverse topics ranging from business management to leadership and performance:

Our Recommendation: Psyched Up by Daniel McGinn

This book is perfect for those who want to achieve greater success. Source: Time

We’ll start off with our personal recommendation which happens to be none other than Daniel McGinn’s Psyched Up: How the Science of Mental Preparation Can Help You Succeed. You’d be surprised to know that this is not a book on management or leadership theories but a combination of theory, practice and research on scientific approaches you can rely on to strengthen metal preparation and achieve greater success. The author is a great storyteller who uses research and practical tools to help you achieve better performance in your endeavors.

Phil Knight’s Shoe Dog Recommended by Jeff Jones, the former Uber President

Get an inside look to what made Just Do It! a great success. Source: Footwear News

Jeff Jones states that he bought Phil Knight’s Shoe Dog while on a tour of Nike’s Beaverton Campus and goes on to say that the book never disappointed. Having been to the campus several times before, Jeff had a good knowledge of Blue Ribbon Sports, Bill Bowerman, and the Waffle Iron but the book provided a deeper insight into the struggles and determination that it took to make Just Do It! a great success.

Clayton M. Christensen’s Competing Against Luck: The Story of Innovation and Customer Choice Recommended by Jody Bilney, Humana Inc. Senior Vice President

Make your business even more successful with the help of this book. Source: 800 CEO Read

The central theme of this book is the fact that innovation is not spurred by understanding consumers but by understanding the job a consumer is hiring the product or service to perform. Business leaders need to focus on the jobs’ theory which reframes services or products in terms of the function or jobs they are expected to do. While reading the book, Jody kept asking, “What do consumers hire our products and services to do?” It is a great book for those interested in issues such as brand positioning service delivery, product development, and much more.

Tamim Ansary’s Destiny Interrupted: A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes, Recommended by Dave Minifie, Centene Corporation’s Chief Experience Officer

Change your view of the world with this entertaining book. Source: The Rumpus

 Tasmin Ansary’s Destiny Disrupted is a great book if you are into Western Civilization history topics. It is an entertaining book that gives you an insight into world history from an Islamic point of view. This is the book for you if you work for a global company or in a business that could potentially be affected by politics or diplomacy factors. It teaches you how to see the world in ways that are quite different from the typical American worldview.

Angela Duckworth’s Grit: The Power of Passion and Compassion, Recommended by Sara Spivey, CMO Bazaarvoice

This inspiring book is perfect for those in need of motivation. Source: Amazon

In this book, the author strives to prove that the secret to great achievement is not talent but a combination of perseverance and passion. Duckworth interviews several achievers in different fields to determine that it’s neither talent nor luck that keeps you going but what goes on inside your head that falls down and rises again. This is an excellent book for those seeking motivation and inspiration to keep on moving regardless of the obstacles life throws your way.