Choosing a good hotel is high priority when you’re planning a trip. After all, there’s no point even bothering to plan the trip if you’re not going to be comfortable and get the most out of it. But in addition to being comfortable, you can also find an exclusively characteristic place in order to have an even more amazing experience.

Whether you’re traveling for work or just on vacation, take a look at these incredibly unique hotels that will give you great stories to share with your friends once you get back home.

1. Kakslauttane Arctic Resort, Finland 

The Kakslauttane Artic Resort is the best place to watch the Nothern Lights.
Enjoy the Northern Lights while being comfortable in bed! Image source: Kakslauttanen

 With diversified types of accommodation, such as the log chalet or a simple traditional house, the one that gets the most attention is still the Glass Igloo. They’re beautiful both outside and inside with its igloo shape and glass walls. These rooms become available during Northern Lights season - which is between meadows of August and April - when you can appreciate the view through their well-designed structure.

You can either go with a group of friends, your family, or have a romantic time with your life-partner.

2. Giraffe Manor, Kenya 

Giraffe Manor, Kenya
Share your breakfast with these adorable giraffes! Image source: The World Geography

 This would be a considerably conventional hotel if it weren’t all of the giraffes walking around. Sometimes they might even try to hijack some of your food. Their staff is well-known for being highly trained and their kitchen for being one of Nairobi’s finest.

Whoever visits this adorable hotel always goes back again.

3. The Ocean Flower, Maldives 

The Ocean Flower, Maldives
Have the best picnic by seashore when visiting The Ocean Flower! Image source: Archello

 Being located in the North Male atoll, it’s a very favourable location seeing that it’s only a 20 minute boat ride from the international airport of Maldives. The Ocean Flower is part of a project called “The 5 Lagoons” which is being developed by Dutch Docklands International alongside the government of the Maldives.

The place offers a number of different options for things to do, but the most commonly chosen are the small private islands. There you can relax while enjoying a picnic by seashore.

4. Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile 

Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile
You will surely have awesome stories to share with your friends after the Magic Mountain stay. Image Source: Huilo Huilo

 A great option for nature lovers, not only for its design, but also for its location. It is on the inside of a natural reserve named Huilo Huilo Private Natural Reserve. There are lakes, falls, natural hot springs, and also direct access to Mocho Choshuenco Volcano, for which the hotel has a thematic expedition program. You can check all of their thematic programs through the internet page Huilo Huilo.

If you’re a sci-fi fan, this hotel is also known for being similar to a Hobbit’s house. Don’t miss a chance to visit it.

5. Spherical Treehouses, Canada 

Spherical Treehouses, Canada
A lovely place to take pleasure in being around nature. Image Source: Bored Panda

 Another amazing option for nature lovers. These treehouses, located in the Vancouver Island forest, are a prime choice to those who want to enjoy their daytime to go out, hike some trails, and appreciate the natural beauty of one of Canada’s greatest cities and come back to the hotel only for sleeping. Of course, electricity and wifi are still available so you can let your loved ones know you didn’t get lost in your adventures.

6. Floating Hotel, Zanzibar 

Floating Hotel, Zanzibar
The it place for the sea lovers' bucket list. Image source: Bored Panda

 This hotel accommodations include The Seafront Villa, The Superior Garden Room, and The Standard Garden Room. However, if you’re a sea lover, you must put The Underwater Room on your bucket list. It’s a room located in Pemba Island, Zanzibar right in the middle of the ocean.

The place offers three levels: there is a landing deck at sea level when you get there with a bathroom feature. Then, there’s a ladder leading up to the roof that ends up in a lounging area where you can enjoy the sun throughout the day and gaze at the start during the night. And the downstairs part, below sea level, is a room with a 360° view surrounded by glass windows.

During the day you will observe shoals of reef fish swimming in turquoise blue water. In addition, at night, the spotlights beneath each window will allow you to enjoy some different sea animals that don’t usually show themselves by daytime, such as squids and octopuses. You can check more about their facilities, how it works, and prices over their website The Manta Resort.

7. Palacio de Sal, Bolivia 

Palacio de Sal, Bolivia
The incredible salt construction accompanied by a beautiful sky as a bonus. Image Source: Inhabitat

 What makes this hotel worthy of getting onto this list is the fact that it is made entirely out of salt. The creator’s idea for this place was to have an unique place where the visitor could find balance with nature and enjoy an unforgettable stay. Being the first of its kind around the world, its exoticness is surely deserving of attention.

8. Bayan Gobi Ger Camp, Khogno Khan Mountain 

Bayan Gobi Ger Camp, Khogno Khan Mountain
Perfect to forget about the outside world and truly appreciate your time. Image Source: Audley Travel

 An actual camp found at Mongol Els Dune Formations, it’s uniqueness is based on the portable round tents handed out forming a very smartly-placed oasis. The location is particularly beneficial for those who wish to explore and discover the Mongolian ground.

Also, the restaurant is situated in the middle of the camp, and you can find a duneside bar highly recommended to go at the end of the day and enjoy the sunset.

9. Camp Yadis Ksar Guilane, Tunisia 

Camp Yadis Ksar Guilane, Tunisia
A place where you can be comfortable whether staying in or going out. Image Source: Yadis Hotels Tunisie

 Within the Sahara Desert, this camplike hotel shows its difference on the fact that there are private bathrooms, air conditioning, and heating in all the tents. The alternatives for relaxation time include expeditions through the desert - either by jeep or by camel - plus a center for traditional Hammam - a typical Turkish Bath similar to a sauna - where you may go after exploring Sahara’s area.

10. Kumbuk River, Sri Lanka 

Kumbuk River, Sri Lanka
Breath fresh airs in this wood and straw accomodation. Image Source: Yala Hotels

 On the northern edge of Yala National Park is where you can find Kumbuk River. There are a few different lodgings, including Tree Luxuria, Kumbuk Chalet, and Jungle Lorry. It’s not only an excellent romantic choice for newly-married couples in search of a honeymoon, but also a great family time out for renewing energies.

They’re mostly famous on account of Elephant Villa, a two-level accommodation built exclusively out of wood and straw.  Even though the goal is that people interact with nature, the infrastructure still offers electricity.

11. Prizeotel, Hamburg 

Prizeotel, Hamburg
Nature is amazing, but technology never stays behind. Prizeotel makes sure of it! Image Source: Contemporist

 Hotels are not only for people on vacations and wanting to rest. Nowadays, a large amount of professionals need to travel for work. A great choice for this public is the Prizeotel in Hamburg. The rooms have high technological lamps which allow the guests to listen to music via Bluetooth, recharge phone battery or even make calls. Likewise, there is a Work & Surf Station, prepared to receive many wi-fi users without any troubles plus a digital newspaper kiosk.

12. Hotel Jested, Czech Republic 

Hotel Jested, Czech Republic
Walking, driving or using a cable car, once you get there it'll be a great retreat. Image Source: The World Geography

 This mountain top hotel was designed not only to extend the mountain silhouette but to double as a television transmissor. Built around the end of the ‘60s, the idea surrounding the project was for it to have a futuristic look.

To arrive at the hotel itself there are three options: you can go up the mountain by walking, driving, or using a cable car. Whatever option you choose, it will be an amazing path.

Trying out new things and going to new places is always exciting since you are gathering a lifetime experience you might not have an opportunity again. So choose your destination and make it count.

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