Let’s start with the social media giant Facebook. Source: Digital Trends

Technology world is very dynamic. Industry changing news continue to hit the tech world each and every day, and today, we have 10 important tech things we think you need to know.

1. So let’s start with the saga that has been going on at Facebook for a while now. In the last few months, the social media giant has been accused of allowing its platform to be used for spreading misinformation and fake news. As part of its response, Facebook says that it has suspended Cambridge Analytica, a research firm linked to President Donald Trump. According to Facebook, the firm was suspended for violating its user agreement. This decision came while the social media giant continues to deal with increasing pressure from politicians in the US and other countries.

2. The company has also banned Christopher Wylie, the whistleblower who was behind the Cambridge Analytica revelations. The ban prohibits Wylie from using WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

3. Facebook has now started investigating whether one of its employees, Joseph Chancellor, a social psychology researcher, knew about the Cambridge Analytica data leak.

YouTube is still expanding its market via other YouTube applications and websites. Source: Channel 4

4. Another development in the tech world involves a new app that’s designed to promote kid-friendly video streaming online. YouTube Kids is now showing conspiracy theory videos. One of these videos explains David Icke’s theory that claims the world is ruled by reptile-human hybrids.

5. We are also getting reports from Bloomberg that Apple will begin to make its own screens. The report shows that Apple has secretly set up a new factory in California that will be solely dedicated towards making microLED screens.

6. Still on technology, computer security experts have expressed concern about a new tool called “GrayKey” that can unlock your iPhone in a matter of hours or days.

7. Match Group, the company behind Tinder, has filed a lawsuit against its biggest rival Bumble. Match is accusing Bumble of patent infringement. We know that Match is one of the companies who want to buy Bumble from Badoo and this might be a way to achieve this acquisition.

Cryptocurrency isn’t going away anytime soon. Source: Fortune

8. The price of digital currency Ethereum has tanked by nearly 50% after the SEC started investigating on dozens of initial coin offerings. Ethereum has plummeted to $547.42 from its all-time high of over $1,300 recorded at the start of the year.

9. On other cryptocurrency news, reports indicate that Twitter will follow in the footsteps of Google and Facebook to ban all cryptocurrency ads from its platform. The social media giant will apply the ban after two weeks.

10. Tech investor Peter Thiel criticized the European Union for what he called unreasonable regulations. Thiel accused the EU of harboring jealousy towards Silicon Valley adding that there are no successful tech companies in the region.

Well, these are the ten most important tech news for today. While most of them have been dominated by events on Facebook, we think that the others are important too and are worth a read.