Telly offers free 4k tvs ad supported model

As the world becomes more digital, the startup Telly has come up with a unique way of offering free 55-inch 4K TVs to users, giving them sets that display ads continuously on part of a secondary screen while the smaller display shows news, sports scores, and other useful data.

Besides that, the device enables video calls and motion-captured fitness apps through its built-in camera, microphone array, sensors, and voice assistant. Read on to know more.

Features of Telly TV

Telly TV comes with several features that make it stand out from other TVs, including:

  • built-in camera, microphone array, sensors, and voice assistant;
  • five-driver sound bar;
  • three HDMI ports to plug in other media devices;
  • secondary screen for displaying ads and useful data; and
  • reservations and shipping.

Telly is currently taking reservations for the first 500,000 TVs, which are expected to ship in the summer. Customers can enjoy the ad-supported model and are not stuck using the company's platform.

The Man Behind Telly

Telly's chief, Ilya Pozin, is a co-founder of Pluto TV, Paramount's free-to-watch service. He believes the free TV makes viewers an “equal part” of the ad system, and claims that users are benefiting as much as the corporations.

However, customers' acceptance of the ad-supported model is not yet clear.

Potential Drawbacks

Privacy-minded viewers who'd rather not share their information might not be thrilled about the ads. Additionally, the TV only comes in one size and configuration, so users who want a larger or higher-quality screen may need to look elsewhere.

It is true that, with several features and the ability to plug in media devices, users can enjoy a variety of content coming from Telly's new equipment, but potential privacy concerns and the limited screen size may be drawbacks for some viewers. Would you try it?