The truck was expected to arrive during summer. Source: The Verge
The truck was expected to arrive during summer. Source: The Verge

Tesla’s new pickup truck is closer than ever. The car, which according to Elon Musk is “the coolest car I’ve ever seen”, is expected to be revealed in November this year according to a tweet sent by the Tesla CEO. Initially, the truck was expected to arrive in the summer of 2019. 

The reveal was pushed to October but it seems Tesla will have to wait an extra month before it releases it. Concept images of the pickup truck were first shown to the public during the Tesla Semi unveil in 2017. However, little has been released about the car and what we should expect ever since. 

But Elon Musk has tried to give us a sneak preview. During an interview with Recode last year, the Tesla CEO claimed that the truck was going to be quite futuristic, adding that it may have even been inspired by science fiction. Musk also said that the truck is going to be “amazing and even heart-stopping.”  

Tesla’s CEO said he’s okay if the truck doesn’t sell as expected. Source: Morning Tick
Tesla’s CEO said he’s okay if the truck doesn’t sell as expected. Source: Morning Tick

Despite the futuristic design, the Tesla CEO has also said that he’s okay if the truck doesn’t sell as expected. As a matter of fact, the pickup truck has been described as Tesla’s passion project. If, for some reason, it doesn’t capture the imagination of the public, the company is ready to build a more conventional pickup truck in the future. 

Besides, the Tesla electric pickup truck won’t be the only one in the market. If it launches in November as expected, it will face stiff competition from companies like Ford that have already been testing their own new trucks.  The F-150 from Ford, in particular, could be a huge seller. 

The American company has integrated a number of similarities into the electric truck from some of its popular cars. The F-150 is expected to hit dealerships in 2021. Another US automotive startup called Rivian is developing a more futuristic truck, similar to Tesla’s. 

The Rivian truck is, however, slated to hit the market next year. We don’t expect Tesla to have the truck ready next year. So, for people who are tempted to choose between these futuristic trucks, Rivian could offer an option way earlier than Tesla.

The pickup will have quite a few competitors. Source: Auto Times News
The pickup will have quite a few competitors. Source: Auto Times News

GM has also announced that it’s developing its own electric pickup truck. However, there are no clear timelines on when it’s supposed to launch. GM said in a statement that while it’s committed to developing its own full-sized electric pickup truck, it will only bring it to market when it’s “competitively appropriate.” 

Despite its ambitious plan to dominate the EV market, Tesla has been struggling to meet production targets for some of its popular vehicles. Launching a pickup truck could come with other production challenges as well but it’s one area the company cannot afford to ignore. 

But with increased competition from other companies, it may take a stroke of genius in design and functionality for Tesla to appeal to more consumers with its all-new electric truck.