The US is probably one of the most diverse countries on Earth. There’s so much going for it but not everything. There are many wonderful things in this world that most people in the US have never seen or tasted.

Here are our 11 favorite things:

1. Brown Sauce

Brown sauce is a favorite in the UK. Source: The Daily Meal

Brown sauce is a favorite in the UK. It’s the UK version of American steak sauce that you see in many restaurants. This sauce is made from tomatoes and vinegar and it’s a great treat for anyone to taste and enjoy.

2. Sinks with Two Faucets

Sinks in most places across the US have only one faucet. In other countries like the UK and most of Europe, it’s very common to see sinks with two faucets. One faucet is for cold water and the other for hot water.

3. Subway Delay Certificates

Public transportation is very important. In the US people get delayed due to issues with public transport and even though you may try to explain this to your boss, he or she will have none of it. But in countries like Germany and Japan, the railway will issue a certificate in case of any delay just to prove you were indeed held up in the subway.

4. Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw is a hybrid of volleyball and soccer. Source: Rail Life

The US has its own sports most of which are quite unusual for the rest of the world. But so does the world. There are many sports out there that may seem totally unknown to an American. Take Sepak Takraw, for example. This game is a hybrid of volleyball and soccer. Instead of striking the ball with your hand like in volleyball, you use your feet. It’s absolutely intriguing if you watch it.

5. Free College

If you’re still hanging on those student loans, you may not like to hear this. Nonetheless, in countries like Germany, Denmark, France, and Sweden you can get a college degree without having to pay a dime.

6. Outdoor Drinking

In most parts of the US it’s illegal to carry an open container of alcohol in public places like parks or sidewalks. However, if you are in Austria, Japan, or Brazil, you don’t have to worry about this. You can drink anywhere you want.

7. Long Vacations

The most you can get as paid leave in the US is two weeks each year or three if you are lucky. And companies can decide to withhold your paid leave because there’s no federal paid leave policy. In Europe and Asia, companies are required by law to give employees at least four weeks of paid leave each year.

8. Castles

In the US you hardly see such majestic pieces of ancient architecture. Source: Wikipedia

Castles have existed in Europe since the middle ages, and they still stand strong. However, in the US you hardly see such majestic pieces of ancient architecture.

9. Eurovision

Eurovision is basically a festival of music that pits countries against each other in Europe. It’s one of the largest music events in the world and most Americans rarely hear about it.

10. Roundabouts

Roundabouts in major cities with water fountains in the middle are very common around the world. But in the US you hardly see them.

11. Bullet Trains

Ultra-fast trains are available in Japan. These trains can hit up to 200 miles per hour. The US doesn’t have a bullet train yet although there have been some discussions.