There are some things you need to give up in order to succeed. Source: Literacy Base

Becoming successful is not easy and there are many obstacles that stand in your way on your journey towards greatness. There’s no secret to success, but sometimes it’s often a calculation of what you are willing to give up in order for you to gain something. For example, would you be ready to give up late night clubbing in order to focus on your work? Successful people understand that human beings are limited. How we spend our limited energy determines how successful we will be.

Here are some of the things you must give up in order to succeed:

1. The Fear of Uncertainty

There’s nothing in this life that’s guaranteed or certain. Life is full of epic twists and turns. The unexpected is never too far away. Don’t let your fear of uncertainty hold you back. Even if the results of something are not guaranteed, give it your best shot and see how it goes.

2. Pretending You Don’t Have Problems

The first step towards solving our problems is to acknowledge that they are actually there. Success in life starts by being honest with yourself.

3.Avoiding Discomfort

Don’t resort to bad coping behaviors if you want to be successful. Source: LinkedIn

Life will throw everything at you. You can never expect that everything will go as planned. There will be many discomforts and pains towards success. However, you need to tackle them head on. Don’t resort to bad coping behaviors that make you underestimate the nature of your challenge.

4. Your Unhealthy Habits

You need to be healthy to be successful. In fact, success is a holistic thing. It involves conquering every aspect of your life including your own personal health. Give up those unhealthy habits and you could be on your way to greatness.

5. Your Excuses

It’s okay if you want to explain why you failed to achieve certain goals. However, you need to own up every now and then. In life, is either you do something or you don’t. Stop making excuses as to why you can’t do something. This will keep you in a constant state of stagnancy forever.

6. A Victim Mentality

Your life is defined by many things but your current circumstances are not one of them. You need to rise beyond your predicament and see what the future holds. The sooner you do this the better.

7. Defending Your Problems

There’s no need to try and justify your problems. The most important thing is to move forward from them.

8. Distractions

Avoid distractions so you can stay focused on being successful. Source: Mobe

What’s the one thing that’s holding you back from achieving your full potential? Find it and kill it immediately. It could one or many distractions, but you don’t need them.

9. Doing Everything Yourself

No man is an island. Your journey to success is not just your own. You need other people to chip in too.

10. Shortcuts

Avoid trying to move through life using shortcuts. Quick fixes are never enough and the last thing you want is to patch up your problems instead of fixing them for good.