TripAdvisor has revealed the best airlines in the world according to travelers. Source: Business Insider

TripAdvisor has revealed the best airlines in the world according to travelers. The 2018 results feature some of the usual suspects and a few surprises too with Asian airlines dominating the list. We also see one UK airline join the list and it’s not British Airways.

Here’s the list of the 10 best airlines:

1. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is the best airline in the planet according to the travelers. The airline also took home awards for the Best First Class and the Best Economy Class. Travelers have expressed satisfaction with the services in the plane, the food, and the overall experience.

2. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand comes through at second place and it’s a bit of surprise, to be honest. But travelers have made their choice. The airline ranks high when it comes to the cordial and professional nature of staff and the food served. The good service cuts across all classes including Economy.

3. Emirates, UAE

Emirates ranks #3 on TripAdvisor’s list. Source: The Guardian Nigeria

Emirates has been part of the top 10 list consistently for the last few years. This time it came through at third. Its stylish appeal and class seem to have impressed many travelers. According to travelers, the planes are also comfortable and the atmosphere inside is very pleasant.

4.Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines was hailed by many travelers for the great food and service on board. The leg room is exceptional and the crew members were mentioned too. It looks like these factors were enough to place Japan Airline on the 4th spot of this list.

5. EVA Air, Taiwan

EVA Air has also been part of the top ten list consistently over the last few years. For many travelers who have used the airline, the personalized service is the most important feature. There are also great meals for kids and pillows.

6.Southwest Airlines, USA

Southwest Airlines was chosen based on the timely nature of flights and the professional crew members. The airline also allows bags to fly free. Frequent flier miles are also easy to accumulate allowing customers to make the most of the services offered.

7. Jet2, UK

Jet2 is also ranked the Best Low Cost Airline in Europe. Source: Daily Mail

Now this is a surprise, right? Jet2 is also ranked the Best Low Cost Airline in Europe and the Best Airline in the UK. The quality of service on board was mentioned by most travelers but it’s the low cost flights that placed the airline on this list.

8. Qatar Airways

One of the key factors that distinguish Qatar Airlines from others is the quality of service regardless of the class. The food and the drinks served were all very good for most travelers surveyed by TripAdvisor.

9. Azul, Brazil

Azul is the only airline from Latin America to make it to the list. The service on board is efficient, and the crew members are friendly according to travelers who have used the airline.

10. Korean Air, South Korea

Korean Air wraps up the list of the top ten best airlines in the world. The overall experience interacting with flight staff is great. Basic economy class also offers a lot compared to other airlines.