The tech world is never short of news or interesting stories. It’s as if there’s something new to report in the industry every day.

Here’s our top ten round-up of the latest tech news that you should know:

1. ICO, the UK’s data watchdog, raided Cambridge Analytica’s offices

Cambridge Analytica’s offices were raided after being accused of inappropriately harvesting data from Facebook users. Source: CNBC

The raid took place on Friday. The UK data firm has been accused of inappropriately harvesting and using personal data of over 50 million Facebook users for political campaigns. The raid gathered crucial evidence for one of the largest data scandals in the recent years.

2. Facebook Apologizes to Users in the UK and the US

Facebook paid for newspaper ads in some of the leading papers in the UK and the US to apologize to its users for the Cambridge Analytica data scandal that was revealed a few weeks ago.

3. Snap Acquired PlayCanvas Last Year

Last year, social media company Snapchat quietly acquired PlayCanvas, a 3D gaming engine startup. The startup is a British-based company that gives developers the opportunity to create immersive lightweight virtual reality, games, and augmented reality on a normal computer browser.

4. Uber is Officially Out of Southeast Asia

Uber has finally decided to pull out of the Southeast Asia market. Source: Essential Retail News

Uber has finally decided to pull out of the Southeast Asia market. The company sold its entire operations to local competitor Grab in exchange for a 27.5 percent stake in the company.

5. The FBI is Trying to Use Fingerprints of Dead People to Access their iPhone

A report by Forbes says that the FBI is trying to use the fingerprints of dead people to access their iPhone in order to help with criminal investigations. Police tried the same method on the attacker Abdul Razak Ali Artan but his iPhone didn’t unlock.

6. Tim Cook Weighs In on the Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, described the situation with Cambridge Analytica as extremely serious and called for tough regulations to stop this from happening again.

7. Users Are Angry At Facebook Because the Company Has Stored Their Phone Call and Message Logs

A new privacy scandal is now on Facebook’s hands. Users are angry at the company because they found out that Facebook stores call and text message logs. It turned out that the issue was caused by an outdated Android API.

8. Software Company Pivotal Will Go Public

Software company Pivotal will go public this year. Source: OnSIP

Software company Pivotal will join a growing list of tech companies that will go public this year. The company’s revenue topped $500 million last year alone.

9. Facebook Fined in South Korea for Slowing Down User Connections

Facebook has been fined 396 million won in South Korea for slowing down user connections. This is the equivalent of about $367,000.

10. Indian Music Streaming Service Saavn Will Merge With JioMusic in a Deal Worth $1 Billion

Saavn, an Indian music streaming service will merge with its direct competitor JioMusic owned by Reliance. However, the Indian app is still available on app stores.

These are the ten most important news and events in the tech world at the moment.