The old debate of whether this is presidential or not has started all over again. But one thing is for sure, Trump’s unapologetic nature may be a dent in his personality but not at all in his political strategy. We certainly don’t consider being unapologetic something to be proud of, it seems that many Americans actually support Trump’s unapologetic nature.

Source: Prof Express

Ever since the campaign started, Trump has not shied away from controversy. He has lied about many things and you can pretty much assume that he has never taken responsibility for any of them. He would probably say he was misquoted, misunderstood, and now that he is President and has the power, he can just call the news fake and everything will be good. The list of outrageous remarks made by Trump goes on and on. Remember when he tweeted an unflattering photo of Ted Cruz’s wife during the campaign? Well, everyone does and that was just the start.

What about the time he accused Ted Cruz’s father of being involved in the assassination of J.F. Kennedy? Or that time he accused Judge Gonzalo Curiel - who was presiding over a lawsuit of Trump University - that he was incapable of being impartial since he was Mexican (even though the judge was born and raised in Indiana)? You’d think that the time he had a sexual harassment scandal hanging over his head would have been an opportune time to show some regret. While he did apologize to the women who had come forward accusing him, many consider it the most derogatory apology ever witnessed.

Source: Zero Hedge

Just when you think it couldn’t get worse, the President was at it again a few weeks ago. This time it was big! He accused former US president Barack Obama of wiretapping the Trump Tower on the run up to the election. With all these lies that Trump has told, there seem to be two things that hold true. The first is that he has never given any evidence to support his outrageous claims. Secondly, even when he was caught in a lie, he has never taken the time to acknowledge his mistake and apologize. In fact, he has never shown regret. The best he has done has been to dodge any questions that were designed to hold him to an earlier statement he made, but most of the time, an earlier tweet.

However, this unapologetic attitude has made Trump more popular in his base. His supporters love it and as long as he keeps doing it, he will have enough people behind him to do whatever he wants. Trump is the sort of President who seems to be able insult anyone, not care about it, and still keep his supporters.