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Just last week, the first lady, Melania Trump, strode across the lawn of the White House together with her husband, Donald Trump, and their 11-year-old son, Barron. All three of them were heading to the President’s helicopter, Marine One, for a weekend getaway at Palm Beach, Florida.

The 46-year-old First Lady, who is also a former model, wore a stunning belted Alice Roi coat dress paired with nude stilettos from Gianvito Rossi and Gucci sunglasses.

Us Weekly, in an article, pointed out the awkwardness between the first family as Trump reached out for Melania’s hand. The 70-year-old President and former TV star mogul clutched the tips of his wife’s fingers, which surely seemed odd even to the press corps photographers of the White House.

As soon as the first family boarded the presidential helicopter, Melania dropped the pretense of unity in her marriage according to Us Weekly. As a matter of fact, she quickly dropped the hand of the President.

A family source said Melania does not pretend that she is not miserable in her marriage. She also doesn’t hide it from everyone that knows her.

The same magazine claims to possess new evidence pertaining to the first couple’s indifference towards each other even if they are not always together and not as often as before. During the week, Melania lived and still lives hundreds of miles away from Trump in Trump Tower, New York City.

According to the Trump administration, Melania and Barron remain in New York because Barron still needs to finish the school year. This summer, both are planned to relocate to Washington D.C.

Source: Inquisitr

In the story of Us Weekly, questions were raised regarding the first lady’s eagerness to move to the White House and make it her permanent home. The magazine cited multiple sources that make the allegation that Melania does not want to share the same bed with her husband even when they are both in the same place.

As told by an insider of the Trump family, the two have separate bedrooms and they ‘never ever’ spend the night in bed together.

A third source reveals that the they actually sleep in one room, but they maintain separate beds. The same person said that it does not matter whether they have separate rooms or separate beds. What matters is that they are both faithful to each other - and they are.

Other insiders told Us Weekly about how Melania resents Donald for putting her in a position that she despises. It turns out that Melania does not like a political and highly public life.

A spokesperson of Melania denies every single claim made by the famous magazine including the ones that said the First Lady keeps a separate bedroom, saying, “It is unfortunate that Us Weekly features unnamed sources which all provided fictional accounts. According to Melania’s representative, her supposed unhappiness is not true.”

The allegations may or may not be true, but there is a huge possibility that Melania was stunned that Trump won the elections just like everyone in America.