This beautiful tiny castle in the UK can be yours for only £550,000! Source: Scottish Construction Now

The UK’s smallest castle is now on the market! You can make it your very own small home near London. This building that has been listed on Grade II comes with only a single bedroom. However, the decor inside is astonishing. Not to mention the beautiful grounds that you’ll get to wake up to every morning, this property can definitely be considered a bargain.

For those who are looking for a princely prestige, the name can be changed as it’s currently called “Molly’s Lodge.”

In the 1830s Edward Blore, a British architect, constructed this little castle. Blore also restored the Lambeth Palace. What’s more, he got to complete an addition for the Buckingham Palace in the time of Queen Victoria.

Molly's Lodge may be small, but it sits on .61 acres of beauty! Source: Lifestyle

The home is located in Long Compton, Warwickshire. It is surrounded by healthy trees and the site is 0.61 acres. If you get the chance to grab this property for yourself, you are sure to enjoy the limestone turrets, as well as the winding staircase that runs up to the topmost part of the mini castle.

Aside from having unique architecture, the bedroom of the main castle will let you get a glimpse of what it was like to live like royalty back in those days. There’s also a smaller bedroom in the outbuilding. Within the property, you’ll be able to dine in a magical palace as the dining room has mullion windows. The fireplace is also Victorian cast iron.

Molly's Lodge is beautifully decorated and looks spacious for such a small castle. Source: Daily Mail

The bathroom and sitting room of the castle are marvelous to behold as they will take you back in time to over a hundred years ago. If you purchase the property, you’ll also enjoy a garage that doubles as an office, and a parking space that will fit two cars. As for the fairgrounds, the long gravel driveway will lead you to the oak front door. What is truly fascinating about this property is the fact that there is an orchard, a pond, a chicken run, and a vegetable garden.

It does not end there; the property has Molly’s Mews, which is a former stable that has been converted into a cozy living space. Molly’s Mews is bigger in size compared to the Lodge, running at more than a thousand square feet.

“I can really say that Molly’s Lodge is a unique home within the Grade II listed properties because there is nothing like it within the area,” said Iain Powis, the listing agent to Country Living.

“The area where Molly’s Lodge is located houses a wide array of architectural styles. In fact, it’s riddled with everything pretty from thatched cottages to rectories and grand manor houses. However, this Gate Lodge gives the homeowner something completely different. So far, I have received calls from people who are looking for smaller homes in order to downsize as they are already tired of keeping up with the maintenance that big houses require,” added Powis.

If you are one of those people, then this tiny castle is definitely for you. The castle can be bought for £550,000 or roughly $627,000.