When you’re in a happy relationship, everything seems right with the world. There’s just so much optimism. You see yourself going places with your new babe. But in case your relationship happens to fall during Valentine’s Day, you may be forced to take a step back, reflect, and assess whether you’re justified in your optimism.

Valentine’s Day can bring you a unique moment of clarity. We can all agree it’s a day that can put a strain on any relationship due to the pressure and as such, it’s often recommended that couples be together for a few months before celebrating their first Valentine’s Day. But you cannot control the calendar. In case you’re feeling lost, you’re not alone.

Here are some memes online that could relate to your situation:

Ready to Get Hurt Again

Everyone has had this feeling of pessimism when starting a new relationship. You feel it’s going to be the same as the other one that ended badly. Although there’s always a real chance of getting into a great relationship after a bad one, you can’t help but tread carefully, especially if you’ve been through it all before. The meme below captures exactly this.

The feeling of pessimism is common during this time of the year. Source: Bustle

The Clingy Stage

Every relationship has that clingy stage. She wants to be with you all the time, know where you are, who you are with etc. The pic below says it better!

Everyone loves cuddles. Source: Bustle

It’s Getting Serious

If a relationship starts to get serious there will be a few signs. But in the digital age, who really knows how far along you are in the “seriousness scale.” Maybe it’s all set when you start tagging each other’s photos online. Take a look below.

You know it’s getting somewhere when you tag each other in memes. Source: Bustle

Sorry, Bad Signal

We have all had an experience where we were in the middle of a serious conversation with our better halves only for the phone network to let us down. It’s often hard to explain though since a lot of people will think you’re trying to avoid the serious talk. But the funny thing is that network issues are quite rare in a new relationship, aren’t they?

We jump at the phone whenever a new notification pops up. Source: Bustle

We jump at the phone whenever a new notification pops up. Source: Bustle

The Sweet, Sweet Stage

The honeymoon stage of every relationship is often one of the most fulfilling times. The love is there, you like each other, and you can’t wait to spend time together. Although it doesn’t really last that long, it can define an entire relationship. Nothing captures it better than the meme below.

This is so adorable! Source: Bustle

Early Relationship Jitters

If you have been through a lot of stuff in your relationships, you can be forgiven for taking a more reserved view of trust. You may want to make it clear from the start that there will be consequences if someone hurts you again. As scary as it sounds, there are many people who do it. Here’s a meme that really brings out the feeling.

Valentine’s Day can be a tricky date. Source: Bustle

Valentine’s Day is meant to be the perfect celebration of love but for couples who have just started seeing each other, it can be a very difficult time of reexamination. Nonetheless, you should try to enjoy it as much as you can.