Vero is a new social network app. Source: Global News

Social networks have been very popular in the last few years. Billions of people from all over the world have at least one social media account and the majority of them use their accounts on a daily basis. Despite the social media craze, there are a few companies that have completely dominated this industry. Facebook is one of the biggest players. Instagram, too, has a huge user base. Other companies like Twitter and Snapchat may not be at the scale of Facebook or Instagram but they are also strong competitors in the social media industry.

With such dominance, you’d wonder whether there is room for another social media platform. Haven’t people had enough from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat? Well, some developers are still looking to tap into this space.

Vero plans to offer its experience for free for the first 1 million users. Source: CNBC

Vero is a new photo-sharing app that wants to compete with Instagram. The app is planning to offer its experience for free for the first 1 million users. Vero is more like Instagram but it has a few different features. You won’t see any ads or paid content on this platform. The content is in chronological order and you can like links, books, and movies too.

The feed is a little bit different too. The developers say that it will consist of individual posts and posts of people who you are connected with or those who you follow on the platform. Once the first 1 million people are signed up on the platform, the others will have to pay a small annual subscription for the service.

Vero says that the reason why it’s charging the annual fee is because the app is designed for users, not advertisers. The app is selling user experience, not ad space. With this model, Vero thinks that it will manage to keep the platform ad-free and will be able to focus on generating revenue through the user experience.

Vero says it’s user-oriented, so there are no ads. Source: Narcity

The app developers are also confident that the model allows them to fully focus on the user experience which will be a big plus for its subscribers. The popularity of the app has been quite good so far. Social media influencers have actually been rushing to get a taste of what Vero has to offer. The traffic has been so huge that Vero has run into technical difficulties recently. However, developers say that they are working on the issue.

The majority of users downloaded the app for the user experience. One user said that the reason why she was on Vero was simply because Instagram was very ad-oriented. Some users also like the fact that the content is in chronological order. This is a feature that Instagram was using a few years back before it decided to change it.

But still, many users say that Instagram has better features. Vero is still a new app and you never know what might happen along the way. However, it doesn’t hurt to sign up and see what the fuss is all about.