The photo went viral after just a few days. Source: Straits Times

Kylie Jenner, the Kardashian who has dominated Instagram for years, has pretty much had everything go right for her. She’s one of the most followed and one of the most liked celebrities on the platform. But it seems that this title is now going to someone else, or maybe something else. Over the weekend, a new photo of a plain egg became the most liked post on Instagram. The photo had over 23 million likes at the time of publishing this post. This is way higher than the photo of Kylie Jenner that had over 18.2 million likes. The Jenner photo was published on February 18 and it was for the announcement of the birth of Jenner’s child with rapper Travis Scott.

The one thing that made the achievement by this egg even more amazing is the fact that the account doesn’t really have a lot of followers. Unlike Kylie Jenner who has over 123 million followers, the account that published the egg picture has only 2.4 million followers. It’s not entirely clear though who owns the account or its origin. But it’s indeed making a lot of headway with this photo. It’s also very likely that after this trending egg, the account will get much more likes.

The photo is filled with comments with clear references to Kylie Jenner. Source: NY Daily News

It’s funny though that a simple egg can break records on Instagram. It says a lot about the Internet culture in the world at the moment. Kylie Jenner is an accomplished person. Her brand, “Kylie Cosmetics” is estimated to be grossing about $600 million in revenue each year and all that has largely been done through Instagram. Many people believe that the fact that a simple and plain looking egg could surpass such a celebrated TV star when it comes to Instagram likes is a sign that people are starting to reject or get tired of the idea of modern reality TV culture. And when you look at the comments under the egg, there’s a clear reference to Kylie Jenner and her previous record-breaking photo from last year.

This could be a stunt by a company or just a joke that blew up. Source: Standard

But there are those who believe that the egg is just another Internet phenomenon that cannot be explained. It could possibly be a joke that simply blew up beyond what everyone expected. The people who published the picture were definitely not looking at 23 million likes. If anything, they had hoped to get a few people talking but it seems what the egg has achieved is beyond basic. For those who love a conspiracy, this could, in fact, be a stunt by a company that’s planning to launch a new brand.

Kylie Jenner did post a video on her account acknowledging her record was gone but it had a little bit of humor in it. The video depicted her smashing an egg with a caption at the top that read “Kylie when she sees the world record egg account.” We might never know what the egg is about but it has become an Internet sensation. The egg account, although it’s still anonymous, is now one of the most popular accounts on Instagram.