Working at Walmart requires you to interact with customers all the time. Source: Business Insider

Working at Walmart requires you to interact with customers all the time. It’s not always the easiest of things though. In order to get an understanding of what it feels like to work as an associate for Walmart, we decided to do a small interview in these stores. Our question was simple. We simply wanted to know the rude and irritating things associates at the stores wish customers would stop doing.

Hiding Products Around the Store

It’s normal to pick a product off the shelf on impulse only to decide later not to buy it before heading to the register. However, that doesn’t give you the right to leave these things anywhere you want. One associate told us that it’s very common to find customers hiding stuff they don’t want to buy in different parts of the store. This obviously makes their work harder. “Just return it where it was,” the associate said. One associate told us that he was surprised one time to find rancid meat under bath towels.

Complaining Too Much About Small Things

Some customers get overly upset over small things. Source: AOL

Sometimes small mistakes do happen in a busy store like Walmart. But customers can be a pain when such things occur. An associate, who has been with Walmart for 12 years, told us that it would really help if customers didn’t get upset all the time for small things. So what if you’ve been carded for certain items like alcohol? It’s an honest error and it can happen to anyone.

Making the Same Old Joke

Maybe you have heard this numerous times in line at the register. A customer asks whether a product is free when it won’t scan. It’s a tired cliché and many associates at Walmart have heard it so many times. It’s probably also not funny. One associate from Walmart told us that after a long day all you want is to get on with things and wrap up your shift. The last thing you want is to hear the same old joke a hundred times a day.

Eating Produce in the Store

Some Walmart shoppers eat items while shopping. Source: Walmart News

Just don’t shop on an empty stomach! Even if you do, at least wait until you are out of the store before eating anything from the grocery section. An associate from Walmart who we talked to said that he had witnessed many incidents of people eating anything and everything as they stroll through the store. It’s so annoying, especially because an apple or a grape cannot really be sold if it’s already consumed.

Being Rude to Other Customers and Associates

The only thing associates at these retail stores ask for is a little respect. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a hurry. If you are going to say something say it respectfully and politely. This also applies to other customers too. Don’t go picking a fight with everyone. Just do your shopping and quietly exit if you can. And don’t be a know it all too because associates really hate that!