The detergents found in shampoos are what’s damaging your hair. Source: Organic Authority

In 1977, Michael Gordon founded the company Bumble & Bumble and before he knew it, this small business had become an empire specializing in hair products, fashion, and sprays. The company became very successful and in 2000, Gordon decided to sell it to Estee Lauder. But Gordon was not done inventing yet. After spending some time off the business world, a thought crossed his mind. He realized that all the products that he had worked so hard to create at Bumble & Bumble were designed to counteract the damage caused by detergents found in shampoos. This realization started to catch on and most regular shampoo users were now looking for alternative safe products that they could use.

This demand triggered Gordon towards his second company. He founded Purely Perfect in 2013 with the goal of giving shampoo users the alternative they had been looking for. Purely Perfect was, however, rebranded and reformulated to New Wash and launched in 2015. The product is marketed as a safer option that doesn’t contain some of the harmful detergents found in normal shampoo. For instance, it doesn’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate, a detergent used in cleansers around the world. The detergent is irritating and Gordon, just like many other shampoo users, believes that it is harmful to your hair.

It’s good to avoid sulfates to keep your hair healthy. Source: Cleveland Clinic

New Wash, on the other hand, packs some very safe ingredients in its formulation. In fact, you don’t need a conditioner or a mask when you use it. It’s not easy to believe this at first. If you have long and thick hair, you know how hard it can be to comb it without a conditioner. But based on the accounts of people who have already tried New Wash, it seems like the product actually works. Gordon and his team have been promoting it through fairs and conferences on beauty and hair products. If indeed the product works as advertised, it could become a major part of the hair care industry.

After all, hair care can be a huge hassle. Using shampoo and conditioner is not even enough. Some people will need to use a mask twice a week and a styling balm just to get the best look. New Wash looks like all these products in one. You just apply it on your hair, comb in the shower, and you are done. The comb glides effortlessly through leaving your hair looking shiny, healthier and softer. Some people have even said that the product leaves their scalp feeling tingly and clean too.

Slowly, products without sulfates are revolutionizing the industry. Source: Good Housekeeping

New Wash is also not that expensive. You can actually subscribe to the product’s fan club for $90 and have the wash shipped to you. Customers will also be getting a refillable stainless steel bottle to use in the future. Michael Gordon believes that New Wash will definitely revolutionize the hair care industry and so far it looks like it’s gaining some traction. It’s not hard to see why though. The products look way better than the average shampoos in the market.