Every year, London's Natural History Museum hosts a competition known as the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. More and more wildlife photographers are submitting their work in the hopes of earning an award in various categories. This year, the overall winner is a bit dark and bloody.

The winning photograph by Brent Stirton portrays a dead black rhino in Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park, South Africa. The chilling scene paints a picture of a rhino lying lifeless with its horn mercilessly sawed off.

The winner of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Brent Stirton. Source: Business Insider

Other winning photographers portrayed beauties and wonders of nature, like a sperm whale gathering, a mother and cub wrestling for playtime, and circling sharks in a column of water.

This year, there were 50 thousand entries from photographers from 92 different countries. The full list of the winners can be viewed at http://www.nhm.ac.uk.

Aside from the overall winner, there are a lot of honorable mentions and we'll cover a few of them.

"Stuck In"

Asheligh Scully took this photo of a fox stuck in snow. Source: Business Insider

Submitted by Ashleigh Scully from the United States. Her winning photo captures a fox with half of its body stuck in the snow. The photo earned Ashleigh Scully the Young Wildlife Photographer award (11 to 14 years old). 

"Alfred in Contemplation"

This photo by Russel Laman shows a male orangutan getting a snack. Source: Business Insider

Taken by Russel Laman from the US. It shows a male orangutan swooping down for a quick snack session. The image was taken in Gunung Palung Nat'l Park in the country of Borneo. 

"The Ancient Ritual"

Brian Skerry entered this photo of a leatherback turtle crawling back to the ocean. Source: Business Insider

Submitted by Brian Skerry from the United States, which also earned him an award in the category Behavior: Amphibians and Reptiles. His winning photo shows a leatherback turtle slowly crawling back into the ocean after laying eggs. The photo was taken in Sandy Point Nat'l Wildlife Refuge, an island of the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

"Lion's Long Shot"

Michael Cohen’s photo of lions trying to take down a giraffe. Source: Business Insider

A powerful and unique photo captured by Michael Cohen from the United States. What makes this photo interesting is that a lion seldom attacks giraffes. However, the lions in the photo may have seen that the giraffe has a misshapen hoof, which makes it difficult for the animal to run. The photo was captured in South Africa, specifically in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. 

"Spawn Rivals"

David Herasimtschuk took this photo of male trout battling each other. Source: Business Insider

A serene, and yet, a potentially dangerous scene showing brook trout. Male trout are coming in droves for the mating season. The picture shows several male brook trout battling with each other to gain a favorable position while the female lays the eggs. The photo was taken in Magalloway River, Maine. 

"Saved but Caged"

A photo of a caged wild tiger after being caught in a snare by Steve Winter. Source: Business Insider

A photo taken by Steve Winter from the United States. The photo shows a wild tiger with glaring eyes while being caged. The Sumatran tiger was taken in by the patrol while the tiger was caught in a snare within the rainforest of Aceh Province, which is an island in Indonesia. 

"Saguaro Twist"

This photo of the cactus plant known as the Saguaro was taken by Jack Dykinga. Source: Business Insider

A photo taken by Jack Dykinga from the United States. The star of the image is a cactus plant known as the Saguaro. The cactus can grow and live for up to 200 years. The shot was taken in the Sonoran Desert National Monument, Arizona.