X-Scream is a new Halloween festival for those who love adrenaline rushes. Source: Wales Online

 Halloween is characterized by creative and unique costumes. But there’s always some thrill that comes with adding a scary touch to everything.

While having creative costumes is still okay, maybe this Halloween you want to add more excitement by trying something scary, right? The last Halloween showed us that indeed it’s possible to incorporate some scary fun in the whole process. Images and videos of people dodging zombies somewhere in Rhondda in an abandoned mine were an eye opener as to how exciting such a scary theme can be.

Well, X-Scream, the organizers of that event are back again this year but this time they have taken things up a notch.

Here’s how:

The organizers of the event have billed it as the “ultimate horror film” and for people who are ready to sign up, they may as well find themselves as the unlikely cast members of this film. It’s all in good fun though. This will be a fully immersive and interactive experience. It’s as real as it gets and sorry to say folks but it’s really not for the faint of heart.

X-Scream is perfect for anyone who’s ever wanted to be in a horror movie. Source: Twitter

So, in case you have been looking to push your fear levels to the limits or perhaps you don’t possibly know where the limits are, this would be the event to put everything to test.

The event will be staged at the Rhondda Heritage Park starting October. And it will run for 14 nights. The dates will be selected by the organizers but they will fall in between October 12 which will be a Thursday and October 31 which is Sunday. This will be the ultimate survival competition.

Check this out:

The participants in the event will have to negotiate their way through a scary and heart-throbbing world that will be filled with cinematic and psychotic monsters. Psychopathic killers and blood thirsty folks will also walk the soil of this universe.

The participants will have one simple task and one only – to survive and get home safe. It’s a classic horror movie only that this time round instead of sitting back on the couch and watching it on the screen, you will be part of everything.

At X-Scream, your goal is to survive and make it home. Source: YouTube

Anyone who has watched a good horror film will agree that it can really cause some nightmares for a few nights.

Imagine this: you are no longer watching the movie. You are there, immersed in the whole experience. This is what X-Scream is offering and if your Halloweens have never really picked up in terms of the fun and excitement, maybe this event is exactly what you’ve been missing.

The event will feature live actors and additional special effects. The participant will need to traverse dark and unwelcoming underground tunnels in what has been billed as the most daring life or death challenge. The course is going to last approximately 50 minutes.

Also make sure you bring some flat shoes. The experience may also feature adult content, special light, and sound effects, as well as bad language. Nonetheless, it’s a must for anyone who loves a good adrenaline rush.