Messenger Day is an exact copy of Snapchat's main feature.
Messenger Day is an exact copy of Snapchat's main feature. Source: Mashable

Last week Facebook launched the Messenger Day, a function similar to Snapchat’s main function - one they had already implemented into Instagram under the name “Stories” in similar fashion.

Naturally, Facebook is trying to seduce an audience captivated by Snapchat’s system of expendable videos and images that demand frequent updates from users. With their massive amount of activity (around 566 million pictures shared privately per day) it’s safe to assume they will achieve something significant.

Messenger Day was just recently and it's already stirring controversy.
Messenger Day was just recently and it's already stirring controversy. Source: TechCrunch

User reaction has been split. Some quickly embraced the change and again, it’s safe to assume most of this portion of users will probably opt for one messaging app, instead of both using the same exact system - or even all three of them, if they also use Instagram’s Stories.

The other side of the argument is that the Messenger Day system came to pollute and complicate what used to be a simple and effective messaging app.

Even worse, you can’t disable this option, so if you use the Messenger app you will be forced to live with it.

Originally, Facebook offered to buy Snapchat years ago. They refused, and Facebook created an app called Poke with the exact same systems. The app didn’t fly and was silently deleted two years later. Facebook purchased Instagram and didn’t take long to implement the Stories function, now with considerable success. Finally, the popular Messenger app has received the same treatment. Read more about this story here.

Source: Business Insider

Another obvious reason for the new feature is creating space for ads. Facebook’s news feed is filled to the brim with paid promotions and now they need another place to put some of those ads so the paid campaigns of customers can be as effective as they used to be.

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The Messenger app is already showing paid promotions, and the new Day feature adds even more convenient space for their campaigns.

Snapchat’s monetization has shown to be highly effective, with Snap Inc. reportedly making $50 million dollars in revenue last year, and shooting for something around $500 million to $1 billion this year.

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